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Our mission

Our mission

We offer a stimulating, engaging and challenging multicultural environment where the intellectual, emotional and creative potential of each student is developed, optimised and respected.

ISCAT encourages the highest standards of academic achievement and provides access to third-level institutions across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

The curriculum, which is compatible with the local “Plan de la Generalitat”, is based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales and brings together the best of anglophone education abroad.

Shaped and guided by our slogan ‘Where Learning Comes Alive’, we constantly seek ways to enrich the academic and personal development and learning of our students.

Noreen Loughman – Director

The value given to each child’s personality, home language, creativity and rhythm of development is characteristic of the school’s commitment, requiring that the classroom become, for each and every child, a place of welcome, a nurturing environment, where each individual enters happily each day, confident that his or her own personality is respected and valued.

At every instance, our school’s pedagogy supports high academic achievement, intellectual, creative and emotional development for each child, and the fostering of a lifelong passion for learning.